Finding The Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Let’s face it: most chairs out there aren’t made for big guys. Fortunately, the five we’ve found are, and we’ll help you determine the best gaming chair for your needs, whether wide, tall or both.

If you’re out trying to find the best gaming chair for big guys, congratulations: you’ve reached the end of the road. Other articles will list a dozen options without giving the important info on each one, and a few more will just list two DXRacer chairs and call that the end of it.

You’ll be happy to hear that we didn’t do that. We dove deep into the details, specifications and user reviews of dozens of gaming chairs on the market, and pulled out five diamonds in the rough.

Additionally, I (the writer) happen to fit this category. I’m shopping just as much for myself as I am for you.

Any of these chairs could be considered the best gaming chair for a larger person, and whichever one you pick will likely be the best for your needs.

Our top pick is the DXRacer Tank Series. But let’s dive into all of our options, shall we?

The weight capacity on this chair restricts it to high-300s and lowers, missing out on a key segment of the big and tall gaming population.

However, it does so while offering the lower end of the weight bracket. At just 350 lbs capacity, this chair won’t be ideal if you’re at or approaching that weight, which is fairly common for tall folks with a healthy BMI.

The lower weight capacity, in addition to the high price, may make this a tough sell for some.

What shouldn’t, however, is the superb build quality, full back support and abundance of comfort features, like the bundled support pillows.

DXRacers are the most highly-recommended among gaming chairs due to their superb quality and comfort. The Sentinel is no different, and serves the tall segment of big and tall perfectly.

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